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The process

What we are looking for

At Ferrero we believe that striving for something special requires more collaboration than instruction. That’s why we look for people who put collective success before individual ambition. People who value the importance of teamwork and who are looking to forge a long-term career within a company that is continually expanding.

Our selection process

The selection process varies according to the position you are applying for. Our standard selection process is outlined below:

1Online applicationto apply online click here
2Pre-selectionAs soon as we receive your information, you will receive a confirmation email from us.
3InterviewWe will evaluate your resume and if your profile matches the job vacancy, you will receive a call within three days inviting you to an interview.
4SelectionIf you are successful in your first interview, you will be invited to meet with a member of our HR team.
5Manager interviewFinally, you will be invited for an interview with your future manager.

Following the interview process, we will make our final decision and notify you of the result within three to four days.

Please note, we are only able to consider applications received via this site.

Application Tips

Tips for a successful interview

It is important that we find the right candidates for our growing business. To help you present yourself at your best, we have put together these few simple tips.

Completing your application:

  • Complete all required fields.
  • Be honest in relation to your experiences, qualifications and accomplishments.
  • Spell check your answers.


  • Research the company, globally and locally focusing on brands, values and culture.
  • Understand the role you are being interviewed for and what you can bring to it.
  • Read up on the latest news from Ferrero via the news feed on
  • Research your interviewer and future team via LinkedIn. Knowing who you are interviewing with will help you feel more at ease on the day.


  • Be punctual. Plan your route in advance and arrive earlier than agreed.
  • Wear traditional business dress. Men should always wear a shirt and tie.
  • Be yourself, be confident and smile.
  • Ask questions to show your true interest in the role.
  • Ensure that you can talk confidently about what is written on your CV and be ready to provide examples and proof points of results.
  • Explain clearly how you can meet the candidate specification.
  • Thank your interviewer and ask when you can hope to hear from them next.

Good luck in becoming a part of our extended family.

Candidate care

Treating every candidate with respect

Our recruitment process is conducted in accordance with the principles of equal opportunity and respect for the individual. These will be clearly explained and shared with you in a structured way. 

We will provide you with detailed information on the organization and the position you are being assessed for. If you feel you require further information, please inform the recruiter. 

If you are successful in your application, you will receive all the support you need to facilitate your professional development.

Keeping your personal information confidential

Throughout the process we will want to get to know as much about you possible. This means you will be required to submit a significant amount of information about yourself. 

Rest assured, any data we collect will be handled in accordance with the privacy laws in force in the jurisdiction in which we operate. 

We will collect data only if expressly authorized to do so. We will take the maximum care when collecting and storing personal data and only in accordance with a prior agreement from the party concerned. Furthermore, we will not communicate or disclose personal data to unauthorized third parties. 

We consider security in the processing of personal data and confidential information on computers a priority in order to protect the rights, basic freedom and dignity of the person concerned.



A list of frequently asked questions to help you

How do I apply for a job at Ferrero?
What if I do not find any positions that meet my search criteria?

We encourage you to look through the vacancies posted on our website and to apply directly to a specific open position. If there are no vacancies that meet your profile and expectations at the moment, you can submit your resume online to indicate your general interest in future Ferrero opportunities.

What is Ferrero's recruitment procedure?

If you applied online, your resume will be viewed by our recruitment professionals. If your experience and skills meet the job profile, our recruitment team will contact you. If your resumes may be of future interest to Ferrero, we may organize an inquiry interview in order to evaluate your profile for a future opportunity.

Is there a time limit after which my application expires?

Your application will be kept in our recruitment database according to local legislation on personal data. Shortly before the deadline, you will receive a notification inviting you to update your resume.

Does Ferrero offer the opportunity of an international career?

International mobility enables us to share culture and knowledge on a global level and helps the group to grow. We therefore try to create as many mobility opportunities as possible. If you are interested in an international career your supervisor will be happy to discuss this with you.

Can I apply for a job in a location different from my home country?

Yes you can apply if you meet the job requirements. Please keep in mind that these positions are generally filled with local employees and are not considered expatriate assignments.

Can I apply for an internship abroad?

Many Ferrero companies have internship programs. You can search for our advertised internship opportunities on this website by choosing "internship" in the search jobs section.

Does Ferrero recruit for senior management or executive level jobs?

We do recruit at that level. Higher senior management positions may not appear on this site. If you are interested in job opportunities in Ferrero and do not find jobs that match your experience level in the current vacancy list, please submit your CV here.

What does Ferrero do to get the new hire on board?

Local Ferrero companies take care of the on-boarding procedure for new comers. This varies from country to country and focuses on ensuring you have sufficient information and support to start your life in Ferrero. We also offer several corporate levels programs to new joiners which are applied in combination with local initiatives.

What training opportunities does Ferrero offer?

We offer training opportunities both at corporate and local level. At our Corporate University, we offer programs to learn about the Group's values and objectives. Other training programs are provided mainly at local level to support each individual in the development of their skills and competencies required for success in their role.

What type of career paths does Ferrero offer?

In Ferrero you can find a variety of career paths, both professional and managerial. Take a look at the ‘Working at Ferrero’ section to explore the qualities and characteristics we are seeking.

How is the international part of the Marketing/Sales/Controlling trainee program structured?

The program includes two weeks of practice in Sales/Production and five weeks of workshops, giving you an overview of Ferrero’s history, corporate culture, its products, markets, marketing, sales, production, technologies and internal services. You will also focus on team work, presentation skills, time management and problem solving. Italian language courses are optional.

How do I apply or send my resume for a position in Ferrero? 

You should subscribe to and upload your CV to the vacancy in which you are interested, provided you are confident you meet the stipulated requirements.

When did the history of Ferrero Mexico begin?

The Ferrero story began in Mexico in the year 1992, when the company decided to expand its activities on American soil. With the same innovative business vision and successful products of the highest quality, Ferrero Mexico has maintained a steady growth since its arrival.

Where is the Mexican manufacture site?

Founded in 2013, San José Iturbide, Queretaro is the location for Ferrero Mexico’s manufacturing plant.

What products are handled in Mexico?

Nutella, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Chocolate Maxi, Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Delice and Kinder Bueno.

Who is the current CEO of Ferrero?

Giovanni Ferrero, the grandson of Pietro Ferrero who founded the company in 1946.